Published on September th, 2011


SaadSaad Haroon is a standup comedian, improviser, director, scriptwriter and producer who created Pakistan’s first improvisational comedy troupe, named Blackfish. Blackfish was hugely successful and performed for many years, also participating and representing Pakistan in Contacting the World, an international theatre festival in Manchester, England.

Saad then went on to create Pakistan’s first English language comedy show on television by the name of The Real News. The show was a mix of Political and Social satire and was one of the first comedy shows in Pakistan to be shot in front of a live studio audience.

Side by side his successful television show, Saad produced his country’s first standup comedy tour named Saad Haroon: Very live! The tour was also filmed and made into a television show, which included interviews with Pakistan’s top comedians including Anwer Maqsood, Behroz Sabzwari, Faisal Qureshi and Bushra Ansari.

Saad then trained a new improvisational comedy troupe by the name of Shark, which went on to perform long form improvisational comedy for the first time in Pakistan, also touring the country to great reviews.

In 2009, Saad released his second standup comedy show entitled “This is Standup comedy” and for the following two years he performed the show locally and internationally. He filmed this tour as well, interviewing international comedians such as Aasif Mandvi, Dean Obeidallah, Shazia Mirza and Azhar Usman, making a new weekly comedy show which is also was released as a weekly web show.

Saad now frequently travels across the world, performing and collaborating with other artists. He has represented Pakistan in various events and festivals including ‘Contacting the World’ Professional Development Program, the ‘International Festival of Emerging Artists’ and will be featured in ‘Centre Stage’ touring the United States of America in 2012.

Presently, Saad Haroon just finished a stand-up and improvisational comedy tour of 16 universities in Pakistan under the banner of Sprite’s ‘University of Freshology’. At the moment, he is working on a brand new standup comedy show and regularly teaches the art of improvisational comedy, does corporate shows, produces television and web content and has no idea what is around the corner.



Saad Haroon started his standup comedy career in his home country, Pakistan, with his first standup comedy tour by the name of ‘Saad Haroon: Very Live’ in 2007, which saw a sold out run. His next tour, ‘This is Standup’ was also a sold out run and received fabulous reviews.

Saad Haroon has performed standup comedy in many venues locally and internationally. He frequently travels and performs, filming as he goes, from amateur night at the Apollo theatre, to the Dubai International Performing Arts Festival, no venue is too large or too small. From charity shows to fundraisers to comedy tours he has performed in them all along the way.


Saad Haroon created Pakistan’s first improvisational comedy troupe by the name of Blackfish. The troupe performed successfully for many years, performing throughout Pakistan and featured in a performing arts festival in Manchester, England.

Shark, was the name of Saad’s next improvisational comedy troupe which performed throughout the country and was the first group to be trained in long form improvisational comedy in Pakistan.

saad-improv   blackfish  Shark


Saad Haroon has produced, written, directed and performed in various television shows over the years. He is the creator of The Real News, Pakistan’s first English language comedy show on television which ran for 3 seasons and developed a large following on television and on the World Wide Web. The show was a mix of social and political satire, interviews, sketches and performances. Guests on the show included Zeb and Haniya, Omran Shafique, Sami Shah, Amin Gulgee, Aysha Tammy Haq, Ali Safina and Sikandar Bakht. The Real News was also one of the first comedy shows to be shot in front of a live studio audience.

The Real News

The Real News

Saad’s next project entitled Saad Haroon: Very Live! saw him touring throughout Pakistan, on what is regarded as Pakistan’s first stand-up comedy tour. The performances on that tour, along with the journey were documented and made into a 13 part television show, which also included interviews with many of Pakistan’s greatest comedic minds. The show delved into what comedy is in Pakistan today.

‘This is Standup Comedy’ completed production in 2011 and is regarded as a follow up to Saad Haroon: Very Live! The show broadens the scope of its predecessor as Saad Haroon travels the world interviewing different South Asian and Muslim comedians in an attempt to document the rise of a different kind of comedian in a post 9/11 world. Shot in the USA, UK, UAE and Pakistan, the show shows Saad Haroon waxing eloquent with some of the rising stars of the comedy world such as Azhar Usman, Aasif Mandvi, Dean Obeidallah and Shazia Mirza. The show answers questions about who we are and the advent of a new type of comedian who is now not afraid to speak their mind. It’s a comedy show with a serious side that speaks to the comedians who speak for you.

Saad Haroon has also written part of a BBC radio play ‘Bora Bistra’ a play about the South Asian diaspora. He has also written a short film that was featured in a BBC short film festival and has also produced video work for the corporate sector.


Alongside training improvisers and comedians, Saad Haroon also uses his skills to conduct corporate workshops and has held training sessions for large multinational corporations such as Engro, Shell and RBS.

Saad also helped to train Dubai’s first improvisational comedy troupe and also routinely hosts workshops, locally and internationally in the art of improvisation and has himself been trained at the UCB theatre in New York, the only accredited comedy school in the USA.